Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn how to build your Digital Marketing strategy

- comparison of digital marketing vs traditional marketing
- specific advantages to prospect generation and customer relationship building
- interaction of Digital Marketing with conversational selling
- methods of creating a digital conversation
- enhancing the digital conversation with social media and community building
- strength and value of digital marketing techniques
- description and value of e-newsletters, blogging, twitter and facebook
- description and value of audio files, podcasting and teleseminars
- description and value of webinars, recorded video files and live video broadcasting
- selecting the proper balance of digital marketing techniques
- creating prospects, followers, friends, fans, advocates and evangelists
- steps to developing a functional Digital Marketing strategy
- timeline, resources and costs required to implement your Digital Marketing strategy

Program delivered online, includes
1) viewing a 35 minute screencast which presents an orientation to Digital Marketing
2) attend a 90 minute online Digital Marketing presentation with ample time for Q&A
3) complete a “homework” exercise where the management team develops a first draft of a Digital Marketing strategy
4) attend a 60 minute Q&A online meeting to refine the Digital Marketing strategy and uncover what is required to develop a go-forward process

Date program is available…
This event is organized monthly. Please contact for more information

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