Digital Marketing Jump Start Program

The world has changed…. It’s very easy to understand that marketing techniques must be adjusted if success is to be obtained in the new world which we find ourselves in. In the past, you used to manage the way you communicated with prospects and customers… you could control the message. However now, the prospect does their own research through tools like google to solve their problems and meet their needs long before they interact with the corporate sales process. Prospects and customers follow social media processes and share conversations within private and public community networks again to uncover answers and solutions to their business needs.  A corporation is now forced to rethink how to best represent their message to the right audience, at the right time, in a manner that generates more qualified leads and builds strong, positive relationships with their prospects and customers.

As companies go to market in 2011, there is usually a priority given to generating qualified leads from people ready to buy now and converting them to new business quickly. According to the Chet Holmes audience pyramid, you may know that only 10% of your target audience is ready to work with you now and that there is a large secondary market who will be ready to do business with you in the future.  Therefore an additional marketing focus should be placed upon developing a nurturing process for that part of your audience while they develop a relationship with you over the next few months.

By participating in our Jump Start program, you will clearly understand how to find the best balance between your traditional outbound marketing processes and the new inbound digital marketing techniques.  We assume that although you are a seasoned business executive, you may need to gain more familiarity with the tools, techniques and processes now readily available to you to generate qualified sales leads and build more effective relationships with your prospects and customers.  Including digital marketing into your approach can be extremely valuable for growing your business as you selectively implement the possible use of webinars, podcasts, slidecasts, live video streaming and build customer awareness and social community using such popular social media tools as twitter, blogging, facebook and private social networking frameworks.

Working as your “guide”, I want to be clear that my involvement with you will be much more than educating you as to the tools available.  My goal is to design a personalized Jump Start program which will get you to a point where you can develop a functional Digital Marketing plan.  Since I’m certain that you have familiarity with a variety of digital marketing tools, our time will be spent talking about which you should use and how to implement them at the macro level but only after your business objectives, marketing goals and targets have been fully defined.  Specific tool implementation plans will then be created as part of our ongoing consulting engagement.

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