Why Should I Create An eBook? (video)

The following is a replay of the webinar held on October 25th, 2011.  The focus concerned topics such as… what is a non-fiction eBook?… why would I create one? … how large is the market interest? … where are the revenue opportunities? … and what are the publishing steps involved? The session was edited to 80-minutes in length and an interactive Table of Contents has been inserted..

The host was Dave Williams and the guests were Bob Chesney and John Meluso.

The following are the webinar notes that match the Table of Contents identified in the replay:

Introduction & New Opportunity:
- new marketing channel is available
- revenue can be gained when the ebook acts as a portal to your business
- most non-fiction ebooks don’t provide a link to the author or a social community

The Need For Advisors:
- many resources are available to the ebook author
- approaching  publication and distribution activities requires research
- be cautious to avoid costly errors

An eReader Explosion:
- eReader devices can yield  business growth
- main choices include Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks
- ebooks can be read on a device, smartphones, tablets and PC or Mac desktops
- ebooks not just b&w, now available in colour and enhanced with audio and video

Lead Generation & Digital Conversation:
- traditional and digital marketing methods now include use of an ebook
- choice of communication style (read, listen, watch) in ebook publishing
- direct ebook reader to a website or blog to capture lead information

eBook Statistics:
- ebook sales outpace print book sales
- rapid explosion in interest to access ebooks in a variety of methods
- no expectation that rise in ebook/ereader sales will plateau

Repurpose Your Content & New Format:
- edit content from teleseminars, webinars, podcasts, blogs, pdfs etc
- support training, coaching, self-study and eLearning programs

Easily Accessible Content & 3 eBook Options:
- Digital eBook: continuous text
- Enhanced eBook: insert embedded audio and video files
- Blended eBook: insert URL links to audio/video files and social community

Not Technical:
- software converters are available and technical resources not required
- there is a learning curve but it is administrative in nature
- concern should be with design issues
- concern should be with marketing issues

Conversion Process:
- must decide whether a mobi, epub or both formats are required
- steps to create a mobi format not difficult when software is selected
- steps to create a epub format not difficult when software is selected
- software URL’s are provided

Going To Market:
- building an audience is crucial
- use of an author platform, website, blogs, videos and webinars are essential
- don’t forget Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and BuddyPress to build a community

Our Guests:
- John Meluso, Masters of Influence publishing
- Bob Chesney, video marketing specialist

Content To Profit & Project Examples:
- Bob Schultz, ebook conversion of paperback Handbook for New Home Salespeople
- Dr. Richard Earle, using an ebook to drive registration to professional certification program
- Music for Your Children, ebook conversion of webinar replays to support marketing effort

Special Opportunity:
- receive complimentary 30-minute “Getting Started” session
- learn how to write a video script designed to market your ebook
- receive assistance in obtaining an ISBN and converting a manuscript to an ebook

Question & Answer Session & Closing:

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