How Do I Market and Sell My eBook?

Have you decided to market an eBook but aren’t sure what steps to take?

If you attend a few highly interactive coaching sessions with me, you will learn how to effective market your eBook aimed specifically at your most receptive digital audience. After investing a little coaching time, you will leave with a strategic marketing plan and a specific roadmap to support the readers of your eBook using very easy to follow steps.

During your personalized coaching program, you will gather answers to questions such as the following….

1) How do I market my eBook?

  • what is my “tra-digital” marketing strategy?
  • what is required in my Author Platform beyond the standard media kit?
  • where are the distribution channels beyond Amazon and Barnes & Noble?
  • what keywords and category selection procedures are optimum?
  • how should I best utilize affiliate marketing partners?
  • what is the role of twitter and blogging?
  • what is the role for teleseminars, webinars and podcasting?
  • should I consider live video streaming?
  • what impact does eBook pricepoint have on sales?

2) How do I support my readers?

  • how do I gather email addresses so I can communicate with my readers?
  • what list building processes work best?
  • is there value in creating an FAQ area withing my Author Platform?
  • what is the best way to use Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn?
  • what effort is required for maximum social networking benefit?

3) How do I generate additional revenue?

  • eLearning and self-study programs
  • speaking engagements
  • content transcripts
  • advertising placement within the eBook
  • DVD production
  • membership site creation
  • one-on-one or group coaching services

This coaching program is personalized to meet your specific requirements, provides a detailed project plan for creating your eBook and sets the stage to get you ready to take your eBook to market.

For more detailed information, please drop an email to or call 905-849-7469

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