How Can I Create an eBook?

Creating an eBook: A Subject Matter Expert’s Roadmap to Success

Have you decided to write an eBook but aren’t sure where to start? That’s normal – preparing to develop an eBook is unlike writing a traditional print book and certainly a lot different than creating content for coaching, training or your next speaking engagement.

If you attend a few highly interactive coaching sessions with me, you will learn how to organize the message that you are most passionate about and write an eBook aimed specifically at your most receptive digital audience. After investing a little coaching time, you will leave with an action plan for preparing your content and a specific road map to develop your eBook using very easy to follow steps.

During your personalized coaching program, you will gather answers to questions such as the following….

  • how do I begin the writing process?
  • what should my content outline look like?
  • do I really have to spend months writing content?
  • can I repurpose my previously created PDF and Powerpoint content?
  • how do I adjust my content for different audiences – those that like to read, listen or watch?
  • can I insert graphics and tables?
  • how do I support my content with audio and video files?
  • how long should my eBook actually be?
  • can I design the eBook with a “pullout” structure?
  • how do I develop a creative eBook Title?
  • what should the eBook cover and art design look like?
  • should I design my eBook for Kindle, Nook, Apple iBook or other device?
  • what eBook format should I use.. mobi, epub, epub3 etc?
  • should I use a content conversion service bureau?
  • should I purchase more than one ISBN or do I even need an ISBN?

This coaching program is personalized to meet your specific requirements, provides a detailed project plan for creating your eBook and sets the stage to get you ready to take your eBook to market.

For more detailed information, please drop an email to or call 905-849-7469

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