An eBook Is More Than a Static PDF

Did you know that eBooks are not limited to static PDF files? Actually, there are many creative ways to format your content.   Watch the following 2 minute video to see what is possible….

Yes, the future is exciting but if you are not ready to develop such an innovative app or eBook, what can you do today? There is something you should definitely consider… there is now a new marketing opportunity available to you the subject matter expert. Thanks to the explosion in the numbers of eReaders like Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iPad coming to the market, you are able to take advantage of new profit possibilities by creating your own eBook in just a few basic steps.

By simply repurposing your established archive of content, you can develop an eBook and with exceptional ease, drive a large audience to any one of your marketing activities, where you can then begin your sales process.

To turn your content into profit, the steps are straightforward:

  • convert your existing written content, PowerPoint presentation, stage presentation or audio and video files to an eBook format
  • insert hyperlinks at strategic locations throughout your eBook
  • direct the audience to your website, blog, YouTube video, Facebook or Google+ page
  • collect email addresses as you begin to build a personal relationship
  • after you have engaged your new audience, you can more effectively sell your products and services and increase your revenue.

Where do you begin?… Attend our upcoming webinar to learn more about effortlessly converting your knowledge into an eBook that will share your important message with more people, in a more powerful manner, with increased value, all while generating many new, and often missed revenue opportunities. 

Learn why eBook Marketing Rocks as we discuss:

  • what is an eBook and what value does it offer to you and your audience?
  • what are the 5 key factors to consider before creating an eBook?
  • how large is the market for an eBook?
  • is an eBook difficult to create and how quickly can one be developed?
  • what resources do I need to deal with technical issues?
  • can I use an eBook effectively as a marketing tool?
  • what is the revenue potential of an eBook?
  • how difficult will it be to take my eBook to market?

Learn how to take advantage of this innovative, yet extremely powerful eBook opportunity. Mark February 2nd, 2pm eastern in your calendar and click here to register now!

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