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Gone are the days of growing your business with one-sided conversations and pure persuasion! To consistently stay ahead of the competition, the marketing focus must now be on creating sustainable relationships based on warmth and trust. Fortunately, there are remarkable tools available to help you do just that.

BUT… over 70% of us feel the “tech stuff” is preventing our business from zooming ahead. Thank goodness there is no need to hide under your desk or pull your hair as you select from a very large buffet of powerful digital marketing techniques. With just a little, gentle hand-holding, you can shift your discomfort and effortlessly, deploy the perfect balance of technology to get known, get trusted, get remembered and get business.

Our Digital Concierge assistance is specifically designed for Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors & other Knowledge Specialists.

check_mark_blueEDUCATION & TRAINING: We will help you to repurpose your written content, your powerpoint presentations, your last stage presentation or your archive of audio and video files. With a little planning and using a few simple steps, you can convert your message into a format that can reach an audience most interested in hearing from you. It’s time to reach out with a podcast, webinar, self-study course or eLearning program. Why not take advantage of the explosion of eReaders on the market and create an eBook for the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad and other tablets?

COACHING: We will assist you to align the ‘right’ tools with clear, proven, concrete marketing strategies, to produce a quantum leap in your business growth and generate the income level you expect. Developing a strategic marketing playbook that blends the best of traditional and digital marketing activities is guaranteed to achieve the results you desire.

March 14th – Live Streaming Event

register-rightadjRecipe for Success: Webinar 2.0 Has Now Arrived

Learn how the traditional webinar format has been substantially improved and which new vendors have entered the market.

Held correctly, a Webinar2.0 will generate increased numbers of qualified sales leads when integrated with live video streaming.

Webinar 2.0 can provide an energetic connection with your audience.

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